Signing SOUTHERN COMFORTS NYC July 22, 2015

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Stop in if you are in NYC!  Meet all your favorite Romance Authors and help a fabulous charity!  

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Making Conferences Work for You

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I love conference season.  It’s a chance to escape my writing cave, meet other writers, learn my craft, pitch my books and just have fun.  But more important, as an unpublished writer, a conference is a professional opportunity.     Here are my suggestions to make your next conference—work for you.  A lot of these suggestions […]

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The Great Agent Search – 2012

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Last week I finished revising my 2011 Golden Heart manuscript.  This was after 2 agents suggested revisions.  Now I am on the great agent search.  This year I’ve vowed not to give up.  Here’s my approach. I printed off RWA’s list of eligible agents.  Since I love spreadsheets, I am building my own.   I’ve included […]


The Great Agent Search Fiasco

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One of my 2011 goals was to get an agent. Now this isn’t something I can actually control, but I can control my query and submission activity. Being a Golden Heart finalist seems to give a writer a leg up on agents requesting manuscripts. At a panel discussion, Laura Bradford likened Golden Heart finalists to […]


2011 Golden Heart Finalist

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I have to admit, two years ago I had no idea why people went crazy the day the Finalists for the Golden Heart and RITAs were announced. Of course, that was because I’d never been a finalist. In 2010 I was thrilled when Steel Hearts was a finalist in the Single Title Cateory. I joined […]

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