What’s Your Perfect Date?

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In December I was honored to be the named the LaVyrle Spencer Mentor of the Year Award. And somehow one of the local papers decided to interview the award winners from Midwest Fiction Writers. Here’s the article! What’s your favorite fantasy date?  

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Celebrating Successes

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We just had our local RWA chapter holiday party this weekend.  At my house.   On Friday I volunteered to host the party, because the woman who was scheduled to have it had a family emergency.  I enlisted one of my sons to help decorate!  I felt I needed at least one Christmas tree up. […]

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Making Conferences Work for You

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I love conference season.  It’s a chance to escape my writing cave, meet other writers, learn my craft, pitch my books and just have fun.  But more important, as an unpublished writer, a conference is a professional opportunity.     Here are my suggestions to make your next conference—work for you.  A lot of these suggestions […]

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The Importance of Reading

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I love to read.  I read everywhere. If I have a chance to sit or lie down, it will be with a book or eReader in hand.  Taking a bath, eating breakfast, or finishing my word count for the day; all call for the reward of becoming immersed in someone else’s world.    If you […]

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