The Great Agent Search – 2012

Posted at Feb 3, 2012 6:20 pm

Last week I finished revising my 2011 Golden Heart manuscript.  This was after 2 agents suggested revisions.  Now I am on the great agent search.  This year I’ve vowed not to give up.  Here’s my approach.

I printed off RWA’s list of eligible agents.  Since I love spreadsheets, I am building my own.   I’ve included the following:

·         Agency
·         Agent name(s)
·         Submission requirements
·         Email submission address
·         anticipated response time
·         whether they take category romance 
·         Hyperlink to the agency website 

I’m still surprised to find there are still agencies without a website.   

I am also working between the agent’s website and Query Tracker.    Query Tracker is a free database tracking queries to agents and publishers.  Not only can you review statistics on reported querying results, you can also see who their clients are.  Participants can leave comments on querying activity.  You can dig up helpful information out of this database. 
All of this takes time – but so did writing the book!

I researched 30 agencies and submitted to 10.

Week One results.

Passed based on Query
Request Action
Week 1

Does anyone have another approach?  Let me know your ideas.


2 responses to “The Great Agent Search – 2012”

  1. December says:

    heya Nan – I’m not as focused as you are, but I use the paid subscription to query tracker.
    It’s inexpensive, and does everything you mentioned. Plus, it provides average response times from other users. My only beef with them is they don’t include some of the smaller/ newer/ more independet publishers. (entangled)

  2. Nan Dixon says:

    I’ll have to try it!

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