A modern day fairytale — waiting on a happy ending

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Once upon a time, there was a clueless writer who loved telling stories, but didn’t know what she was doing.  She wrote five hot-mess novels before realizing she needed to learn her craft.  She meet some lovely fairy godmothers in the form of Kathy Eagle and Mary Bracho who guided her to the path of […]


My Day for Rejections

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  This must be my day for rejections.  Both rejections were nice, personal letters rejecting my work.  (Have to remember they aren’t rejecting me—just my books.) The first came earlier this morning.  An agent who’d requested a full of SOUTHERN COMFORTS.    The positives — You create the setting beautifully and really bring the inn to […]


The Great Agent Search – 2012

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Last week I finished revising my 2011 Golden Heart manuscript.  This was after 2 agents suggested revisions.  Now I am on the great agent search.  This year I’ve vowed not to give up.  Here’s my approach. I printed off RWA’s list of eligible agents.  Since I love spreadsheets, I am building my own.   I’ve included […]