Galetine Day celebration at Coffee, Cupcakes and Contemporaries

Posted at Feb 12, 2021 9:05 pm

Are you looking for some fun Friday and Saturday? We’re celebrating Galetine Day at Coffee, Cupcakes and Contemporaries – a Reader Group.  We’re having fun with the guesses. Stop over and join us!

Here’s the note –

Hello, Cupcakes, and WOW! Do we have some awesome fun for you!
We all know that Feb. 14 is Valentine’s Day – and we do love it! – but in a community such as ours, built on (primarily) female friendships, you know that we are all about February 13, GALENTINES DAY! It’s a day to celebrate the special bonds between women. And celebrate we will!
Here’s the deal. All through today (February 12), we’ll be posting twelve trivia questions about the author admins. Place your guess as to which author we’re discussing in that post’s comments. (Need a refresher as to all the authors’ names? Check out the banner on our page here: Each comment is an entry for the prize drawing. What prize, you say? Well, on Saturday Feb. 13 – Galentine’s Day – we’ll reveal the answers and give away not one, but TWO reader showers! Yes, two lucky Cupcakes will win an assortment of print and digital goodies from the authors.
So today: watch for the trivia questions and place your guess in each post’s comments. Tomorrow: come back to see the answers and learn who won. Let the Galentine’s Festivities commence!

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