Just a Trifle


Ladyfingers (If you can’t find them – use Angel food cake)

Dry Sherry (not cooking sherry – it contains salt)

Cook and Serve Vanilla Pudding

8 oz – Jam – I use my homemade Raspberry jam

Whipping cream & sugar

Optional fresh fruit – Strawberries or raspberries

Decorative sugars – colored

A glass trifle dish – or other dish that will show off the layers




Layer the bottom of your dish with Ladyfingers or angel food cake


Sprinkle about a teaspoon (or more) of Sherry on the layer.

Spread the jam on top of the ladyfingers


Cook the vanilla pudding, but eliminate about an eighth of a cup of milk. Follow the directions on the package for cooking. Before it is finished cooking, add a slosh of sherry.

Pour the pudding over the ladyfingers and jam


Cover loosely (so the steam escapes) and chill.

If you would like to add a layer of fresh strawberries or raspberries, this is where you would add them once the pudding has cooled. You could also add another layer of Raspberry Jamtrif5

Prepare whipping cream. I throw my bowl and beaters in the freezer just to keep them cold. Once peaks start to form slowly, add sugar by the teaspoon until sweet (to your taste). Then – you guessed it – add sherry.trif6
Spread the whipping cream over the chilled trifle. Decorate with colorful sugars. For Christmas, Abby uses red and green, Easter –pastels, whatever she has on hand. They will melt into the whipping cream.

When serving — dip into all layers. Enjoy.