How We Started

Sabotage or matchmaking?

Mac is determined to prove his value to both his grandfather and parents. To do that he must finish the six houses under construction by Christmas, then his grandfather, Joe, will turn over control of MacBain Construction. But Joe goes around Mac and hires an inexperienced cleaning company with a pretty, feisty woman at the helm. Mac’s not sure if Joe is creating obstacles, teaching him a lesson or playing matchmaker.

On top of finishing college, Patty’s trying to keep her family’s cleaning company afloat while her mom suffers through chemotherapy. Joe helps her get the cleaning job for MacBainConstruction, which will ease the financial pressure on her family. Unfortunately, Patty’s stuck dealing with Mac, a control freak, who disagrees with Joe’s trust in her. She doesn’t need a bossy, handsome man telling her how to run her company.But Joe’s matchmaking is spot on and as Mac and Patty get to know each other, their attraction builds, crossing the line between business to personal. Then one of Patty’s employees endangers Mac’s timelines and goals.

Will Mac’s need for control destroy their love?

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