There’s a target on his back and no one knows why.

Professional gambler Drew Phoenix hasn’t met a problem he couldn’t charm his way out of—until now. Three genetically-related siblings barge into his life, bringing with them nothing but trouble. The kind of trouble with bad guys and big guns trying to kill them. Drew calls on Maggie O’Toole, a smoking hot FBI agent, for help.

Maggie’s mission in life is to protect the innocent. She jumps in to help Drew and his siblings. She’s attracted to Drew and their chemistry is off the charts, but her job and mission come first. And Drew’s the kind of guy she usually despises. He runs from trouble. She runs toward it.

When Drew heads to Boston to defend his poker title. Maggie insists on coming as protection. The two leave the safety of the group and head to Boston. Right into a nest of bad guys.

When there’s a gun to Drew’s head, life gets pretty damn clear.

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