Back from RWA!

What a wonderful week in NYC.  It was incredible to be surrounded by thousands of writers and industry20150722_101412 experts.  I laughed, I cried, I learned, I danced and I stayed up late talking with friends from around the world.

The community of romance writers is one of the most pay-it-forward groups I have ever had the privilege to be part of.  It reminds me of my college golf team.  We always rooted for each other, trying to inspire one another to play better.  It is the same with my writing friends.  They are amazing people.  Especially, the Golden Heart classes.

Golden Hearts smallEach year, RWA sponsored two major contests: the RITAs, for published books and the Golden Hearts, for unpublished manuscripts.  I have had the honor to be part of four Golden Heart groups.  The amount of camaraderie and support is amazing.  Via loops, we boost each other up and support each other through rejections and triumphs.  We help pass the good news when there is a book launch and pass on helpful hints on have to find the right blogger or get reviews.



Last week I also signed in my first RWA Literacy Signing.  Almost 500 authors IMG_0001were there.  The line started forming in the morning for a 5:30 event.  I was thrilled when Terry brought a T-shirt for me to sign and Ursula made the time to stop over and tell me they loved Southern Comforts.  It was the highlight of my week–ladies!